Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trekked 20 minutes down the street to send a package

Walking back to our apartment we see a small post office and Elder
Otsuka says "Oh, I forgot about that."

Heyo, minasan!

Not a bad birthday present this week. I got a ton of questions! How am
I ever going to have time for anything else in emails anymore? Haha

Weekly Questions! Let's get started, shall we? 7:31

How was my birthday? Did I have cake? Do I feel older? Did anyone try
to pinch me?
It was pretty normal. We didn't eat anything special that I can
remember. It's not so much the birthdays, but the events that make
people feel older. For some, that is birthdays, but it never really
has been for me. I got a couple of high fives, but other than that

Do I think I notice how much my family has changed in the past year
through emails?
I can tell in the pictures that everyone's grown, but it seems like
the subjects are all that really change.

What's been the best part of my mission thus far?
Those moments when everything goes right. They happen more often
sometimes and not so often others, but they are amazing when they are

What do I think the best type of companion is?
Mmm... Prolly one who is unlike you, but willing to accept you, or one
who is similar but won't let your weaknesses become shared weaknesses.
For me, it's way more difficult to work with a quiet companion if they
don't also express their honest opinion.

Do you want to change more in the future?
Mah, how far in the future? I look at it now as I am developing skills
that will help me when I need them, but otherwise will be unused. In
that perspective, I hope to be able to improve my skills, but that
doesn't always mean changing my focus or method of doing things.

What food would I like to be cooked for me when I get home?
Something microwaveable. Hot dogs or a Tabasco sandwich would be sweet.

Does anyone other than that one person whose name shall not be
mentioned directly email you?
I had one other friend email me about a week ago and gotten a reply to
my reply, so the count is two now, kanna?

Would I like to be given some more pen pals?
Heck yeah I would! Females preferred, obviously haha

Did you know that the other person who shall not be mentioned by name
put their papers in?
I did hear, actually. That was one of the pen pals I was looking
forward to haha. Luckily, all missionaries have a set pattern for
email addresses, so I already know it, but if you wouldn't mind
getting their current one for me, that would also be epically sweet.

So what type of food have I grown to like?
None of it. Confused? See the next question.

What food do I hate here?
None of it. Confused? See the last question.

What do I like about my area the most?
English Class! There are also a ton of Sakura trees all over the place
and there is a giant park with an entire section dedicated to them and
luckily I was here when they bloomed and it was epic. Somebody was
also pretty cool and planted a ton of flowery bushes all over the main
streets and they are pretty cool. It made me wonder, are there any
cool looking black flowers?

What is the ward like where I serve?
They are very friendly. The love each other a ton, so they always talk
with their ward friends. There is one girl who can speak fluent
English and that's it. Actually, I don't always talk a whole lot, so
the ward is convinced that I can't speak Japanese haha. My ward
mission leader finally had a role-play lesson with us and afterwards
he told us he was just surprised that I actually speak Japanese.

What is my area like?
It's got a lot of hills and houses. There aren't a ton of people
unless you are close to a train station, but that doesn't mean they
aren't willing to talk!

What is my mission president like?
He is fun. I haven't seen him a whole lot in the last two transfers.
Once, actually.

Will I have the same mission president throughout my mission?
Hey hey hey, my first mission president was President Budge, even
though that was for like, a week. But yeah, other than that President
Wada will forever be my mission president. Most likely.

How am I doing on my mission?
I'm still alive, ne? That's saying something, ne? Haha

What is my favorite color?
Black and red. Not mixed, just together. Dark red is cool too, but if
I had to pick just one color alone it would be black. If you want to
be all technical and argumentative and say that black is not in fact a
color, but a shade, I would then say dark red and your shades can go
die in a hole. A shaded one.

Why was I born so cool?
Maybe because God made the perfect plan? Maybe I was just born that way haha.

What is the coolest moment that I've had this week?
We had 20 people come to our English Class! That was a broken record
for this area, which was sweet. The coolest moment was during our game
when I went up to the board to erase something and paused and turned
around and saw everyone having fun and laughing together even though
they were all practically strangers. I took a moment to feel epic. One
of the sisters said afterwards "Alright, I guess for today you can
officially be the best." It was the epic moment, not the complement,
in case you were wondering.

What do the Japanese do about Easter? Do they have a party like for
Christmas even though they are not christian?
Nothing. I forgot it was Easter until one of he sisters mentioned it,
then I forgot until just now.

What stereotypes do Japanese people have about Americans?  Like we all
wear elastic jeans?  Or we eat fried eggs every morning, etc...?
We all eat massive amounts of food, we all look mature, we have
awesome styles. Nothing too amazingly intense.

Who is my favorite Cartoon Villain?
Cartoon? Mmm... Prolly Dr. Doof, 'cuz that was the only cartoon I ever

If I could have a super power…what would it be?
The power to do anything and everything and know how to use it and be
able to use it at any time without restrictions or limitations. Or I
would be able to control time. Being a Dracopyre would be cool as

Do I have any advice to give to a prospective missionary?
Do it, bro. Don't drink the orange juice.

8:11に終わりました! That took me 40 minutes! Good shtufts.

Random English correction: You wouldn't say "Long time no see to your
mustache!" 'Cuz that would be weird.
Speaking of weird English, I forgot what it was... Dang...

Random Story Time!
I went on splits with Elder Rockwood who is a two meter tall gaijin
and it was pretty funny. People look at me and pretend they didn't,
they look at him and forget their name. I told him it's a really good
thing that he isn't blonde, otherwise he would never get a moment's
rest. Anyways, the story is that we came out of the station platform
and there was a group of about 12 high school students just standing
around, but they all saw Elder Rockwood and we heard the collective
gasp from across the station and they were all stunned hardcore. Elder
Rockwood and I couldn't resist the opportunity to proselyte, but it
took Elder Rockwood three or four times asking before any of them
caught their breath again to answer and the first thing the guy said
was "dekai!" Or "That friggin' giant foreigner is friggin' tall as
crap!" Roughly translated. It was actually pretty impressive, they
held their breath for over thirty seconds as a group.

Anyways, good shtufts.

By the way, for Nancy Drew parties, "kagi o kakeru" is Japanese for
"It's locked!"

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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