Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I remember sarcasm...

It was that thing where you said one thing meaning another but it
wasn't a lie but you could also say it and mean what you say anyways
but just confuse the heck outa people and it was all just a manner of
joking. I miss sarcasm.

Konnichiwa, kazoku!

Sorry for not writing on p-day like I'm supposed to! Some miracles
just take up the 3 hours you intended to use for emailing and buying
food. I'm a bit hungry right now haha

Weekly Questions!

Why do people forget to ask me questions?
I dunno, Younger Elder Brooksby. Maybe it's because your family is in
a car traveling across the country, or maybe a zombie apocalypse
happened and I just don't know 'cuz I'm a missionary and we don't get
news. Maybe they just like short emails.

Anyways... We had a senior couple inspect our apartment yesterday. I
had no idea this apartment had so many rooms! The rooms I did know
were mostly clean, but we haven't been able to take the trash out for
a while 'cuz the old trash schedule changed and we don't know where to
get a new one, so the floor around was a bit messy as well. Also, my
companion is awesome, but he doesn't know how to organize a desk. On a
scale of 0-5 we got rate at around a 2.5 or 3, which isn't awful
considering we haven't actually made time to deep clean for a while

Random Story Time!
This story is the reason for his e-mail being late. So we have decided
that the most effective proselyting time is around 3:00-5:00, but the
regular missionaries p-day ends at 6:00, so we got permission from our
zone leaders to do our proselyting time right after study in the
morning. Anyways, because we had the senior couple inspect our
apartment and had to send some packages, we started our proselyting
time at about 1:50 and planned on working until 5:00, when we would
return, buy groceries, and email. We were streeting for the majority
of that time up and down the same road over and over and over and,
because I'm a somewhat older missionary, it didn't bug me that much,
but my companion is still somewhat new to endless streeting. Anyways,
we say hello to everyone we see and most of the time, nobody will
stop. It wasn't particularly different then, although we talked to a
couple of high-school students (Haha I almost put a , instead of a -
there. That would have been a bit different!) my companion was getting
annoyed. ¥We got to the end of the road and I prepared to turn around
again and my companion said "Elder Brooksby, why do we keep going the
same way over and over and over? Wouldn't it be better to go somewhere
else?" And I turned to him and offered my awesome,
experienced-missionary words of wisdom, "Elder Otsuka, in my long time
as a missionary, I have often had the same thought myself. I have even
done it, going to all the different places and even talking to some
people there, but several transfers ago I learned that you have to
find the most effective place and stick with it, unless God tells you
otherwise. It may bug the heck outa you to do so, but you'll see
miracles, my man." And we turned around and continued in our loops.
Not even 2 minutes after we turned around and were going back up our
road, a guy pulled up behind us on his bike and asked "What kind of
work do you guys do?" And we ended up talking with us for 3
hours(there goes p-day) and we took him to the church and he even said
he would bring a friend to English class with him.
That guy told us during our conversation "I saw you guys walk past and
you said hello to me, and I thought you were both foreign, but I
wasn't sure which country the other guy(Elder Otsuka) was from. Then
you guys passed me again and I couldn't figure it out then either.
Then you guys passed me again and I realized you were walking in
circles and saying hello to people. When you passed again, I was
curious enough to ask why."
It was pretty epic and my companion thinks I'm some kinda superhero
now. The guy's name Is Dou Yuki and he's pretty cool. He's gonna get
baptized. Trust me.

Sometimes I wonder if you guys realize that I'm joking about me being
all awesome and shtufts... I think you do, but I read back and wonder
if anyone takes my "prideful comments" seriously... Eh, I'm just too
awesome to really care that much about it haha

My e-mail might sound really boring right now 'cuz for some reason I'm
uber tired right now...

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

Japanese version!







兎に角… 昨日に宣教師夫婦が僕たちの家に来た、検閲のため。このアパートがたくさんルームがあった事を知らなかった!知るルームは本当に綺麗だったでも、最近ゴミをほかしなっかた。それはなぜかと言うと、古いスケジュールが変わったや新しいスケジュールを見つける場所を知らない。それから、フロアは綺麗じゃない。まった、僕の同僚はすごいだけど、彼はデスクの秩序立てる方法を分からない。レイチングは0~5だから、僕たちが2.5か3を受けたでも、最近ディープクレンジングをしらなかたから、すごくだめ事じゃないよね。


¥this is where I ended the Japanese translation. Sorry I didn't get
all of it for you!

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