Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Trey Brooksby

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That's how my Sunday went! (I was completely stuffed 'cuz members love us!)
O-hayo gozaimasu, Kazoku!
Sorry for not sending an e-mail last week... The typhoon was a bit of a schedule breaker and temple p-days are always packed, not to mention we have 4 elders and one computer. We actually only had time for

one of us to e-mail, which was Elder Mak 'cuz he's the newest missionary. Also, I found out that even though Elder Mak is also 18, he is still older than me haha I'm still the youngest missionary I know!
Anyways, Ima answer questions now!
Did I feel the earthquake?
Do you know how many earthquakes there are in Japan? haha there is always earthquakes! There has only been one that was noticeable and that we were all awake for, but that was a while ago.
How was the typhoon?
It wasn't actually that big of a deal. We barely got clipped by the actual storm, but still it was 20MPH winds and sheets of rain. Because we were on the edge it only lasted from around 7:00AM to around 5:00PM, so we still got to do a bit of dendo.
And those are the questions of the last two weeks! Fun stufts!
Random Story Time!
So this Sunday we were preparing and planning Ame chans baptismal service and doing a mock interview, so we brought her, her Chinese friend "Kelly", sister Yasuda, who is also Chinese, and brother Taneoka so we could actually follow the rules. As we started going over the questions she was able to answer the first one fine, then the second one she was like, "Whats a prophet?" .... Not the greatest thing to hear in a mock 'baptismal' interview. Then Sister Yasuda breaks into Chinese for about 5 minutes, then turns to us and says "I explained it". So we moved on to the next question, "What does Repentance mean to you?" long story short, about half of it was Chinese because a lot of it she couldn't remember that shtufts (ex. Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Church attendance, etc.)... It was interesting because most of the time I can understand conversations, but the Chinese got me haha. It then progressed into a fashion show as they started trying to find her baptismal clothes haha it was interesting!
I keep getting comments on my face... People ask me "Genki?" (how are you doing?)* and I reply "Genki!" (I'm doing great!)* and I have gotten several responses to it:
1) Really? like, Seriously?
2) You look like someone just ticked you off...
3) You look like you're about to die.
4) You don't look genki!
5) Genki to wa... (The definition of genki is...)
I'll keep you posted on any new ones I get, ne? Each one has happened at least 3 times.
*Translations not exact
Anyways... Whats with the guy probs, Sierra? that doesn't sound at all like you! haha I knew it would happen though *nyah*
Oh I also found you guys a foreign exchange student! Buuuutttt..... she wants to go to BYU! I'll send her your way if you send me info about schools near there that are "Safe and non-racist" as she put it. She is Eigo ped (fluent in English) and she would totally be up for it, but those are the requirements! Also it has to be by the end of this transfer because I am most likely transferring, seeing as how I have been here for 3 transfers and President was kinda hinting on it soo yeahh....
We are doing thanksgiving/Halloween/Christmas in our ward and they want American ideas for it, so if you wanna shoot me some that would be great!
Loves you all to Saturn and candy bars!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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