Thursday, July 24, 2014

"What do you think about these paragraphs?"

Two sentences later "'cause obviously we aren't X-Men!". The human
mind is a strange thing... Oddly enough, we were reading the intro to
the Book of Mormon.

Heyo, everybody! Whazzup???

Let's get started, shall we?

Weekly Questions!

How is life treating you?
Well, let's just say that if I were to die right this second and be
brought before God to be judged, I would be exited to go!

Any new things happening for you?
Yeah, new things from old stories. That's the best thing about
stories; they are hardly ever really over.

There weren't a ton of questions this week, but that's alright. It's a
forgivable sin.

Okay, one of the most randomly serious and potentially depressing
moments of my entire mission happened this week. It was way weird. I
asked a guy I had never met if he was going for a walk and he said (in
Japanese, obviously) "No, I was just going to buy something for myself
'cuz I live alone 'cuz my wife died this year. Bye bye!" And he walked
into his house. Hey, at least we know where he lives now!

I made a cool old-guy friend. We were walking down the street and saw
an old guy leading another blind old guy down the street, so as we
passed them I said "Hello!" And the non-blind old guy turned a bit and
said over his shoulder "It's nice to meet you!" And then I said over
my own shoulder "It's nice to meet you too!" And then he shouted back
"It's nice to meet you three!" And made Elder Bates and my day.
Energetic old guys, gotta love 'em!

Random Story Time!
The rainy season has entered with a bang! We have been soaked the past
5 days except yesterday which was a drizzle and today which was just
overcast. Anyways,(activate epic English mode) approximately four days
in the prior there were exceedingly copious amounts of precipitation,
and in correlation with that factor the frequency in which the group
of members of the human race toward which we exercised our greatest
efforts that we encountered had decreased significantly. Therefore,
the persons known as Elder Bates and Brooksby "the Amazing" thusly
found sufficient reason to bring forth their voices in hymning praises
to their God and king with a composition which has been known prior to
this moment by some as "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", and while
thus engaged in this their march and song, came upon a signal of
electricity that is frequently used to signal motorized vehicles as
well as pedestrians in the fashion with which they might proceed to
maximize safety for all, and in this case their progression forward
was brought to a halt.
As this pair of sublime human specimens were thus in the action of
awaiting the re-direction of certain, aforementioned electronic
signals, a young man approached rapidly atop a self-propelled vehicle,
otherwise known as a bicycle, but sadly the young lad was lacking in
the necessary equipment for such an atmospheric disturbance as the one
which was currently in the heavens above that place, namely a long
metal rod containing approximately eight to sixteen ribs of metal with
either a plastic or woven substance acting as webs between the ribs,
known to the more frequent folk as an umbrella.
Upon beholding such an situation, Younger Elder Brooksby the Great
reacted quickly and preformed a minuscule but nonetheless heroic act
and provided a moments respite for the young lad by stretching forth
his arm and providing a glorious shelter for but a few moments, at the
cost of the shoulder of his left side being swiftly enriched with an
exorbitant amount of the tears of angels who wept to behold such an
After a small exchanging of words amongst the now fellow travelers,
the lad wiped the tears of his frustration  and discontentment from
his eyes with a feeling of happiness and contentment, and swiftly, in
accordance with altering electric currents, the man rode into the
wetness of the dreary world, to continue his quest forever lightened.

We were teaching that Christian kid I mentioned earlier about the
restoration and plan of salvation, but for some reason while we were
going over the doctrinal differences that we would need to explain
'cuz we don't frequently teach Christians, somehow we completely
spaced the Trinity, so when we got to the picture of Joseph in the
garden we were both like, "Oh shoot." And it blew his mind. Coulda and
shoulda prepped better for that, but the spirit saved it, thank

That's about it, I think! Hope you enjoyed the read!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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