Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Heyo family!

So if you guys sent me any e-mails I wouldn't have gotten them because there were some errors with duplicate accounts and such, so this is my new e-mail! (also i'm sorry if i have the address on my letter wrong but i was brain dead and couldn't think, that is if you even got it haha)
Anyways, there has been a heckton of stuff going on, but it sufficeth me to say, Japanese seems really hard but our sensei is amazing, so it isn't really that hard. I already have hirigana memorized and just last night finished learning bases(hate these) and particles. a lot of the language didn't make sense when I was learning it, but with this new stuff it all makes sense, or at least i can understand what i'm saying and why i say it that way. If i ever speak Japanese in my e-mails it will be in romaji(Rominazation/English characters) so you guys can at least read it, even if your pronunciation sucks(that means you, dad).
So in our district(classroom) we have 10 people, 6 shimai and 4 choro's(sisters/elders) so the shimai outnumber us, but that means we only have 4 in our dorm room, while they are full up. My companion, Peters choro, reminds me a lot of Tyson, but without that mature side haha. We also have Hardin choro and the other choro with the name I can't remember right now. We all get along pretty well, and for dad's information peters choro does chew with his mouth open and i don't even notice :P (not happy face tongue out).
We are really busy all the time, so it feels weird to sit down and not be studying... especially in jeans haha. my P-day is on tuesdays, so expect me online at that time. if you want me to e-mail back and forth e-mail me a single letter so i know you are online.
Mom I am not missing much here but my grey sweater, a laundry bag would be nice, an SD card reader, and i forgot the other thing but its obviously not important because i forgot it haha.(if i have any of these in my bag let me know)
I'll upload some pics with one of the shimais card reader so you can see some of the things or places or whatever i took pictures of, cuz i feel bad that i missed any e-mails you guys sent. ah dang it isn't working so i guess i'll send some later.
Not homesick at all yet, but I am thinking about you guys and hoping takoda remembers to stay away from moving cars. I would love letters but i forgot to bring my address card so just wait for my letter or next week when i will hopefully remeber to brong it :) also mom if you could put the PO box and mailing address in an e-mail so i know how to address my letters that would be amazing.
I love you all and hope you don't die, because then i would have to leave here to go to your funeral, then come back and study again haha
Love you all!
Elder Brooksby

Ps. My doryo(companion) and me share the same middle name haha

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