Wednesday, July 23, 2014


They want to talk! Or come to sports night!
Konichiwa, kazoku!
Good and crazy shutfts going down! Let's have some fun!
Weekly Questions!
When is the quietest time for me?
When Elder Yagui and Sawyer are gone in the morning from 6:30-7:00. They play ping-pong at the church for exercise and take the noise with them. Personal study is also pretty quiet. Also, packed trains are ridiculously quiet. For some reason, the less people, the louder the noise. The noise level is higher, but hardly more than our personal study, which is ridiculous 'cuz there are easily 200+ people in one train car, prolly more.
What do I like to study?
Futsu na koto wa morumon sho desu. I regularly use the Book of Mormon for personal study. Sometimes I throw in a Liahona or some other church book, but I almost always read the Book of Mormon. Actually, I've been doing a pretty cool thing with it recently. I have been writing down "the Questions of the Book of Mormon", which is basically where I write the reference, who said it, to whom, and what about if it is not obvious, then I write out the question. I read all of 1st nephi's questions after writing them down one time and was like, "woah... crazy shtufts..." so I am gonna wait on reading the rest of them 'till I'm done with all of it. I recommend it!
What funny thing have I seen this week?
Hmmm.... what's not funny? haha I dunno let me think... I watched Elder Sawyer play a balance game with eggs? That was kinda normal though... Wrong week to ask haha Elder Stevens is pretty chill and the other two elders are crazy, so that companionship gets all the funny moments.
That gaijin(foreigner) we e-mailed came to sports night and is now one of that area's investigators, in case you were wondering.
We were close to falling short of some of our goals this week but then Elder Stevens got sick again and we were stuck in the apartment, so we thought we would miss it, but we decided to do area book. We hadn't done it before and now I'm wondering why we haven't... We called over 120 people, about 50 of them picked up, 35 meaningful conversations(a stat we count in this mission), set 6 appointments, gave 5 referrals(one to a different mission) and gained Elder Stevens an extreme headache. It was good shtufts.
Random Story Time!
So Elder Stevens and I have recently started just walking in big circles along the busiest street in our area when we have free time and one time we were walking behind this old lady and had been for a while 'cuz she was walking almost the same speed as us. Anyways, we had been trying to stop people behind her but hadn't had any luck that time 'round when randomly she started singing "Israel, Israel, God is calling!" in Japanese, said "I can't speak English! Adios!" and turned into a building before we could do anything. It was strange, to say the least.
Random Spiritual Story!
We were chillin' with Naoto at a McDonalds and talking about him going on a mission when this random other lady comes up and says "Are you Mormon?" in English. She then proceeded to tell us how about a year ago in another area she had been very sick and depressed and had almost killed herself when she met a certain missionary and he helped her out a ton, but she lost contact with him. She asked us if we knew him and I told her he had gone back to America. She was very sad to hear that and asked us to pass on the message that he had saved her life and she is very grateful. Naoto luckily caught her name before she left and we got to refer her to the area that had her other information and ask them to call her up, but we're still working on the "passing on the message" part, but it will be done! It was like an "God has amazing planning" moment 'cuz Naoto needed a bit of motivation to go on a mission and it was just like ~*BAM*~ awesomeness.
Loves to you all and peace out and everywhere!
Younger Elder Brooksby

Oh also I forgot to mention, but on the 29th they are changing our laptops to i-pads. It's a bit sketch... they are being extremely trusting, but even then not too much so. We are the only mission outside America to receive them and that is because our mission is 95% obedient or exactly obedient. It's gonna be interesting.

Elder Yagui and Sawyer got a present of some navy and air force bandannas in a bag with "FREAK SHOP" written on the side from this random crazy old guy whom none of us but Elder Stevens knew, and he had met him an hour away by train.

A Gundam pic for uncle Rex. Let me know if he wants a present or something haha

A sweet Harley that is a bit out of place in Japan, but not really 'cuz there is random shtufts everywhere and everyone loves America and American shtufts.

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