Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Hey, we teach free English class!" says Younger Elder Brooksby

Trey Brooksby

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"Thank you, merry Christmas!" says nihonjin teenager. (This occurred 9/9/13)
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Whazzup? I'm writing this e-mail late at night because of some fun stufts and weird timey-wimey stufts.
So! This weeks questions!
What BoM character do I most feel like now?
ummm.... I feel like king Limhi 'cause he has some written stufts and he has no idea what the heck it is saying haha
What is the dumbest thing I have done since coming to my first area?
I made Okonomiyaki without cabbage. Thats about it. Everything else I was brilliant at :P
Who do I admire most so far and why?
Black Sensei because he has some friing awesome motivational speeches and he is like our MTC dad
There have been some questions about the mission home and office’s address. This is where you send letters/packages if you want to.
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashicho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0002 (This format also works: Tokyo-to Musashino-shi Kichijoji Higashicho 1-7-7 180-0002)

Random Story Time!
So today we were riding the train back from the beach where we had been chilling(or burning) and it was us Sagamihara elders and Elder Mak is a newbie, so he doesn't exactly know how the trains work, so we were headed back and he sat 1 seat away from Elder Hoshino, which is a bad idea. Anyways, he got sandwiched between 2 very antsy old ladies for an hour while we rode home and right at the beginning he mouthed to me "What do I do?!" and I thought it was hilarious.
Anyways, loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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