Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Its time to replenish my shrine

Trey Brooksby

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Headed to Yokohama again today!
Konnichiwa, Kazoku!!
Fun week here in sagamihara! this next week is the end of transfer 2! Almost 3rd transfer missionary!
There weren't any specific 'questions' per-se this week, but comments on events work fine too!
Grandpa getting re-married:
What are the details about that then? I think it's way cool, but are they getting married in the temple or whats going on exactly haha but good for him to continue being happy and helping someone else be happy too!
Digimon Analogy:
Hahaha I love it! brilliance! I think I actually laughed when I read it, so good job :P
NC in september or October:
I actually thought you guys were gonna start moving sooner than that haha how are you gonna make it work cross-country? That will be some fun stufts!
Random story time!
So Elder Bradshaw had spent time in the honbu doing tech stuff while his foot was healing, so he learned all the passwords and stuff and, being Elder Bradshaw, changed all the settings and passwords and stufts like that. So andywaydids, Elder Olson, one of the presidents assistants, calls us and was asking about a password, so Elder Bradshaw starts explaining it like "put in a left bracket hhtp space space right bracket foreward-slash http bracket bracket then input the domain name, check for caps, then hit enter" and Elder Olson was completely lost (he isn't very good at computers) so I tell Elder Bradshaw "tell him く (ku) for the brackets and backwards for the others" which was his main confusion, but he still can't get it to work, so he gives up and tells us he'll try later. So he hangs up and I look over at Elder Bradshaw and say "knowing Elder Olson, he got mixed up with foreward and back-slash" and we both laugh a bit, then about 5 minutes later he calls back and the first thing I hear is "I got it working finally! I mixed up the foreward and back-slashes" and we both busted up laughing for the next 10 minutes. It was awesome.
Anyways, lots of fun stufts here, teaching Elder Bradshaw how to clean his ears, cleaning the appartment, and actually being able dendo outside now, which is awesome.
I came up with Japanese names for all of you, Katakana anyways. I might make some Kanji names later on :)
The double Ns you pronounce how you would imagine you would.
Anyways, we're headed out in a sec! TTYAL!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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