Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes missionaries receive companions...

And sometimes it feels like you just have a really talkative conscience.

Heyo, everyone! Miss me?

Transfer calls about two hours ago! Live in suspense!

Weekly Questions!

How is Japan treating me?
It's treating me good, I guess haha. It's pretty much the same as
America except completely different, ne?

Have I gotten the language down yet?
Yeah. I don't speak a ton, but that's more my personality than lack of
language skills. People are always surprised when they find out that I
actually speak Japanese though 'cuz I speak more when I can speak

What is my favorite food to cook personally?
None of it. I hate cooking. Well, that's not exactly true, I just
don't enjoy the cooking so much as I do seeing the results of my
efforts. In that respect, curry is way easy to cook but still looks
sweet when it's done, so prolly curry.

Do I have enough money?
Well, I haven't borrowed from anyone in the past couple of transfers,
so that's good, ne?

Is my bike still working?
Yupp. I hardly use it, so I would be surprised if it wasn't!

Is it hot here now?
Not quite hot yet, although it is getting warmer during the day and
not as cold at night.

What job would I really like to have when I get back? A job to just earn money?
Mmm... I would love to work in a grocery store or something like that,
just restocking shelves and shtufts like that. The reason why is that
I love to organize things and make order where there was none before,
and also I would get to watch people and help when they didn't know
where to go, then go back to work, knowing that they would quickly
forget who had helped them, just remembering the help and I would be
glad at the opportunity for service.

What's my favorite song I get to listen to while I am on my mission?
I haven't been listening to a whole lot of music in the past two
transfers, but the song "A old story from grandma" from the Mabinogi
soundtrack, but the piano remix version that mom accidentally sent me
is way epic.

What am I going to do about wardrobe when I get home?
I stuck a plain black v-neck tee, dark jeans and my old gloves in a
box for mom to keep. Other than that, I guess I'll just collect random
crap randomly.

What quality do I seek to have in myself (something maybe I have seen
in someone else)?
Love haha. I suck at loving people. I'm more likely to say "What do
you want me do about it?" Than "Oh, I'm so sorry your dog just died!"

What color catches my eye while I am walking around town?
Grey. Odd as that is, when it rains it turns all the bright colors
dimmer and the world looks grey. It reminds me of the spirit world and
how they really are amazingly close to us, even if we can't quite see

What was the silliest thing that I saw this week?
Our Sunday school teacher pulled out a picture of superman to use in
the lesson. I was a bit random and it was even stranger 'cuz the guy
is so un-confident that he won't ever even look you straight in the

Which word is my favorite new Japanese word?
Imono, meaning an amphibious tiger-like creature with a large horn in
the middle of its forehead. You learn some random shtufts scrolling
through the dictionary.

Am I learning to cook some Japanese food?  If not, what do I want to
learn to cook?
Missionary food and true Japanese food are very different things.
Elder Otsuka kept getting mad at me for making our curry like a sauce
instead of a soup. I want to re-learn the art of the microwave. It's
been a long time.

What is your favorite digimon?
Dorumon. The one with the metal versions that evos to DexDorugreymon.

What is you favorite Disney Villain?
Mmm... I dunno. I didn't really ever get into Disney enough to be able
to remember them.

What was your scariest moment in your life?
I jumped off a 100+ft cliff with no ropes or supports and no water at
the bottom. Scouts are crazy.

What advise would you have for a new convert guy?
Don't think that because you're new that limits your potential. If you
have the faith strong enough, the extra knowledge is just the
sprinkles on the ice cream. I strongly believe that many children have
greater testimonies than some people who have been in the church for
years because they so easily trust and have no reason to give heed to
doubts. Even though a child can sometimes only say "I know that Jesus
loves me." That knowledge to them is perfect and is one of the
greatest testimonies because they truly believe it, whilst adults
occasionally allow the world or themselves to reason away the things
of God, the things of truth. Don't doubt what you know is true just
because someone else doesn't yet.

What kind of person do you most admire?
Chill people. Chill is sweet.

A'ight sorry for missing the last week's emailing, but I'll try harder
from now on, kay?

~~~~~~~~~~TRANSFER UPDATE!!!~~~~~~~~~~
1.Elder Otsuka transfers to Hodogaya A and gets Elder Kennedy as a companion!
2.Elder Brooksby transfers to Hodogaya B and gets Elder
I-Forgot-His-Name as a companion!
3.Sister Horrocks transfers to Fussa and Sister Matsumoto gets
Sister-Whose-Name-I-Don't-Know as a companion!

That's it.

Random Story Time!
There is this 15 year old female English class student who has been
quite attracted to my awesome self since I first came to this area
(and really, who can blame her?) but she quite honestly bugged the
crap outa me, not that I don't love people to the point of my heart
bursting forth into the sweet songs of the restoration so that they
can feel God's love and become converted so that we may one day see
each other in the celestial kingdom of God and rejoice and praise him
together, but I can only take so many One Direction references and
only so many pink fluffy outfits before getting slightly annoyed.
Anyways, Sister Horrocks and I devised a plan to get her off my back
in a Christlike manner and still keep all rules of the mission. There
was another English class student guy who was 16 years old and we were
all making Takoyaki, or fried octopus balls for English class this
week, so we monopolized on the situation.
It will be nice to get some breathing room at English class now haha.

On the Book of Brooksby, I was writing one chapter but felt prompted
to switch topics halfway through, so I'll prolly send it sometime in
the middle of the week.

Also, Facebook has been confirmed for sometime late this month or
early next month, so that's cool.

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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