Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have become the PING-PONG MASTER!!!

Trey Brooksby

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Or I can play decently, at least. Come to Japan, you get good at ping-pong. Who knew?
Konichiwa, kazoku!
Not a whole ton to write about this week, seeing as how I wrote so late last week haha
No questions this week either? ざんねんですね?
So this week we got our transfer calls! Normally it happens on Tuesday, so I tell you they are coming, then inform you what went down, but this week has some crazy stuff going down, like a combined North and South Japan Tokyo Mission conference and shtufts like that, so we got the call on Saturday.
Here's what goes down:
Elder Lohner(Zone Leader) transfers to Tokorozowa to be zone leader for the "Musashino North Zone", as we split two zones this transfer and now have 6 zones.
Elder Orton(Other Zone Leader) transfers to Kichijoji(Where the mission home is) to be a traveling AP to train all the other zone leaders, then he will leave to America halfway through the transfer because of some weird scheduling shtufts.
Elder Flack(District Leader and my companion) returns to America.
Sister Sasaki(Sister Training Leader) transfers to Kichijoji.
Sister Hubbard(Transfer 3 Regular Missionary) stays in Kunitachi and gets Sister Ellingson(Same transfer as me) as a companion.
Elder Brooksby(Amazing transfer 5 missionary and leading the mission in awesomeness) stay in Kunitachi!
My new companion will be Elder Hoopes(Transfer 11) and will be district leader as well.
My other companion will be a new missionary straight from America! I finally get to train! yay! (Dunno his name yet)
That's about it for transfer calls. Elder Flack will be staying in Kichijoji where we currently are and temporarily I will be companions with Elder Orton and Elder Lohner, then on Thursday I will meet Elder Hoopes and we will pick up our trainee.
Random Story Time!
So because Kunitachi will be turning into a 3-man, we will be losing a companionship and will need to pick up all of their investigators and shtufts.
Anyways, the other Elders realized they had a scheduling problem so we went on splits so that we could get to both appointments and shtufts.
So Elder Orton and Flack go to the apartment to ride off on their bikes and Elder Lohner and I, after saying goodbye to the person they had been teaching, ran back to the apartment so that we could quickly eat dinner because we didn't have time to eat anytime afterwards and saw Elder Orton on his bike, looking confused and without Elder Flack. We asked him what happened and he told us he had lost him in about 200 feet from our apartment. So we left him to sort it out and I cooked an awesome "curry" that ended up being stew because we didn't have any spices for curry, but we didn't get to eat it before we had to run to meet a potential investigator that Elder Lohner knew nothing about and we had no plan.
So we got back to the church and it was locked and Elder Flack had said something about having the key or knowing where it was in the apartment or something, so we called them but they didn't pick-up, so we were locked out and waiting for the PI.
He showed up 10 minutes late because he had forgotten until a couple minutes ago that he was supposed to meet us, but luckily he lives within 3 minutes walking from the church. So we told him we had no plan anymore and he suggested that we go to a bakery by the train station, but it was Sunday and we told him that we can't buy things on Sunday, so he asked if we could eat it if he bought it and we were like, "Well, we don't have a better plan" so we walked to the train station.
Sadly, the bakery was closing just as we walked up, so we went and talked on some benches by the eki. Then we realized it was 10 minutes until we were supposed to meet Ando (to help him make a Facebook account because he has social problems and we are helping him out), a man who will be getting baptized on the 24th, so we ran back to the church with our PI and greeted Ando. Then Ando misheard his name and thought our PI was a girl, which was awkward for everyone.
Then the PI went home and we told Ando the situation with the church and called the other elders again, but again no answer, so we stood by the church and waited for about 10 minutes, then Elder Lohner took Ando's laptop to see if it could connect to the church WiFi from outside, but Ando never uses his computer, so there was no battery left. Then we sat there for another 10 minutes, then I got the brilliant idea that maybe there was an outlet on the outside of the building and there was! Obviously, because it was me, ne?
Anyways, we turned on his computer and started trying to connect to the Internet, but there was a password and none of us knew it, so we called the bishop and he didn't answer, then we called the ward mission leader and he answered and told it to us, but we were to far away from the router to connect. Then we called the other elders again and they finally picked up, so I told Elder Orton that we had another PI waiting for Elder Flack and also asked him where the key was, which obviously was in the entrance to our apartment.
So we left Ando at the church and ran back to our apartment and grabbed the keys, then we ran back and got into the church and set up his computer, got connected to the Internet after about 20 minutes, then, because windows 8 is really crappy, it took another 40 minutes to create his FB account.
There was a bit more of the story but I don't have time to finish it. Anyways, it was "Entertaining" to say the least!
Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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