Thursday, July 24, 2014

I hope you success!

From an old guy we had never met as we were walking down the road this morning.

Heyo everyone!

Whazzup? Big shtufts goin' down in one of the three best missions in
the world! I'll hit on that a bit more later, but first...

Weekly Questions!

How is the weather here?
It's too hot for a suit and too cold for just a short-sleeved shirt,
but it's alright. The other elders are always setting the AC in the
apartment to 18 degrees Celsius, so I wear a sweater in the apartment.

Do we have any families or single people that we have been able to find?
We have two potential investigators that we will be calling tonight
prolly, but families are kinda rare to teach here for elders 'cuz all
the guys are at work most of the time.

Have I heard any more word about the guy in the hospital? (Suzuki)
No I haven't. I just talked with the elders in that area this morning
on the phone, but they didn't mention anything. He is either still in
the hospital, he got out but can't contact us(which isn't incredibly
likely) or he passed away in the hospital and we have no way of
knowing. Whatever it is though, God's got it figured out, ne? I don't
worry about things that are up to him.

Are there any new up and coming things happening in my mission?
Elder Cook of the twelve came and spoke to us two days ago, so that
was cool. Anything else is pretty normal shtufts.

How is my mission president doing?
He's prolly got a headache from going through all these missionaries'
Facebooks. For those who haven't heard, Facebook is available to
missionaries in North America and Tokyo South missions currently. We
are the "lab rats" for it outside of America, so that's pretty cool,

How are the awesome missionaries in Korea doing?? Do they get Facebook soon??
I'm not sure. We were actually supposed to receive it last month
sometime, but there were delays, so I really can't even guess when it
will get there. My thought is that they will test for a transfer or so
here, then open it to the rest of the Japan missions for a time, then
go worldwide, but that is just my guess.

Have I gotten sick?
Nope! I've been doing good for the last while, so that's way sweet!

Do I miss my mom?
I don't miss really anything from America, as in thinking about them
constantly, but I will enjoy the moment when I have those same
opportunities I did before, like hugging my mom and cleaning her
bathroom, for example.

Do I have chicken noodle soup?
Mmm? I haven't checked... We have cans of soup, but I dunno if any
chicken noodle is present amongst our food supplies. We don't have
soup in general that often. Actually, now that I think about it, I
haven't had soup in over a year now. Heck, I don't even remember the
last time I ate soup! How weird is that? Sometimes you don't realize
what you don't have until you get it again or someone mentions it,
like grass or carpet, for example.

Yeah so, Facebook... Haven't used it for anything, really.
Missionaries can use it, but it doesn't help with a ton yet 'cuz we're
all very new to it. What it will really help with is staying in
contact with your converts and investigators when you leave an area or
return home, but we need to get those friends first haha

Random Story Time!
Elder Bates and I have settled into a routine route and we have made
some little kid friends along it, so sometimes we chill with them and
have them stop random people for us so we can talk to them, but the
first time we met them we just started talking about random shtufts
when we realized we had better start heading back, so we were about to
leave when the main kid(age 10) we were talking to was like "Wait,
when are you coming back? Tomorrow? Saturday?" And we were all like
"Well, we dunno 'cuz missionaries have crazy schedules, but definitely
not Sunday 'cuz we are way busy then." And he was like "Will you come
on Tuesday, then?" And after we agreed he pumped his fist and was all
like 「じゃ、待ってます!」or "Well, I shall await your arrival!" Roughly
translated. It's weird talking informally to anyone, even kids. I had
to keep catching myself haha

So the Japanese word for "conscience" is the same pronunciation as the
word for "parents". I thought that was interesting.

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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