Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everyone begins to die from the day they are born.

So said Elder Otsuka. Then I taught him the definition of the word "morbid".

Konnichiwa, minasan!

I have achieved exaltation! That or I just ate some really good ice
cream! Still not sure yet!

Weekly Questions!

How was conference?
It was way sweet. It was epic 'cuz I was sitting there, taking
notes(so unlike me, right?) and I realized that I was the only
missionary who had managed to stay awake for every session for the
entire time. I think having gone to every session before my mission
makes it a bit easier, although coming prepared to learn and focusing
on the spirit helps a ton too haha

I can understand the lack of questions last week because of
conference, and I for sure understand a lack of them this week 'cuz
Elder Brooksby will be returning from Portugal tomorrow, but I will be
very cross if there is a continued famine of curiosity in the land of
"places other than my awesome presence" or, in other words, if it so
happens that there is also a lack of questions in this coming week.
You have been warned.

There is a surprise birthday party planned for me at tomorrow's zone
conference. I'm wondering if I should pretend like I don't know and
forever remain silent, if I should tease the sisters who planned it
and make it seem like I know, but then pretend I didn't, if I should
tell them all and ruin their fun, or if I should pretend I don't know,
then mention I knew to one or two people afterwards and allow the
secret to leak. Thoughts?

Random Story Time!
Today Elder Farr called us randomly and asked for me and this was our
Younger Elder Brooksby-Hey whazzup?
Elder Farr-Elder Brooksby, did you ever watch Jimmy Neutron in
America? The show and the movie?
YEB-Yeah, why?
EF-Which came first, the movie or the show?
YEB-The movie. I'll assume I don't want to know the reason of this question?
EF-That's probably for the best. See you tomorrow at zone conference!
YEB-Yeah, no probs. Peace.
I've gotten literally over twenty calls like this over the course of
my mission with topics ranging anywhere from Pokemon to Politics. I
guess I should be flattered to be known of as the greatest source of
random useless information, but really I just enjoy the chance for a
good story to tell.

Something I've learned since re-reading the bible, it doesn't matter
much what you read so much as how you read it. Some epic revelations
come while reading about how to properly sacrifice a cow.

A roast goose for everyone! Be good to each other and PARTY ON, DUDES!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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