Thursday, July 24, 2014

Russian Roulette, Japanese style!

We put Tabasco, mustard, wasabi, chocolate, honey, and some other
shtufts I can't remember into seven different Gyoza or pot-stickers
that we hand-made, then had a party. I'm still not sure what I got. We
then ate 164 Gyoza and a massive parfait and somehow survived.

Hullo everybody! Here's Brooksby! Did'ja miss me?

Weekly Questions!

How is the life of a survivor!?
It's not much different from a regular person that continues to live,
even under extreme circumstances, I would assume.

Did I feel the Earthquake?
I dunno which one you might be referencing, but prolly. There have
been at least four this week, although one of those was large enough
to wake us all up except Elder Kennedy, oddly enough. He is generally
a very light sleeper. I have to save bathroom trips at night to avoid
feeling guilty in the morning.

Did I sleep through the storm?
You mean the recent typhoon? It kinda showed up Thursday afternoon
just long enough to destroy my companion's umbrella, but it was just
really windy. Then the next day, which was supposed to be the big bit,
actually ended up having no clouds in the sky and just being
ridiculously hot. All in all somewhat disappointing, but as well, some
adventures are cooler when left to the imagination, ne?

Am I dying of the heat or humidity yet?
I dunno about dying, but it is quite hot. I think it is the same
severity as a Vegas summer, but they are different and I think overall
I prefer the Vegas differences to here, but it's not too bad. I also
think that the fact that we are missionaries and just walk or stand
around all day changes my point of view on it just a little bit.

What have I been doing? Anything exciting happened?
Lots of shtufts! Yeah, but it's more of a developing situation that is
actually way annoying that I can't or shouldn't tell you about.
Nothing bad, just complicated.

Was I transferred last week? Where am I right now anyway?!
Nah, transfers are in two weeks for us, actually! I am in the Hodogaya
area, my favorite area!

Did I play any sports even though I was mostly homeschooled?
I did Ultimate Frisbee the summer before I left on my mission and that
was way sweet, but other than that, I'm actually to small physically
to play any serious sports without being broken in a myriad of ways,
none of them pleasant. To give an idea, once a girl smaller than me
pushed me over into snow and I broke my arm. I'm planning on bulking
up a least to a regular level after I get home, but I've found out
that it's almost impossible out here. No matter what or how much we
eat, everybody loses weight.

I made an ironic joke! A dude points at a guy wearing a shirt that has
"Ironic" written on it and says "You're quite ironic!"
Ironic dude says "You're evil for saying I'm ironic and judging me."
Oh the irony.

Random Story Time!
The ward put on a talent show and we got to participate, which I think
would've been cool if I had any talents haha. Anyways, we did a skit
about gum that doesn't really apply to American humor, so I will leave
out what we did, but the Japanese people loved it, I think. We also
sang the national anthem and I think we actually sounded pretty good,
at least when we were rehearsing. Elder Bates gave us all the starting
pitch when we went up and it ended up being lower than it was supposed
to be. We all made it through it, but it didn't sound quite as good
that way. Then the YSA's did a three minute cooking skit that lasted
about fifteen, we had some little kids doing karate and some little
girls singing a song from Frozen in Japanese, a lady who played a
medley of all the Frozen songs, and some other shtufts that I forget.
Right at the end they asked if anyone had some hidden talents and
wanted to share, so one of our former investigators who loves chicken
and Colonel Sanders went up with Elder Bates and they sung "In my
life" by the Beatles and didn't sound half bad. It was sweet shtufts.

Yeah... There's not a whole lot going on that would be helpful for me
to write about... I may have surprised my mission president again, but
in a loving way? I'm prolly gonna get transferred out, almost for sure
actually. I also got a haircut today. That was sweet, but the hair
cutter guy was one of those ones that asks a trillion questions about
everything and I dunno how well it turned out, 'cuz I can speak
Japanese, but I'm not so good at the hair words...

Anyways, loves to you all! Peace in and out!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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