Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am a traitor to my country!

Trey Brooksby

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because I wear Portugal and Korea tee shirts :P
O-hayo gozaimasu! I would put it in characters but the techies are having problems with the language bar(they aren't actually that good haha) - a little extra on this, they are remote controling the comp next to me to try and fix it, but he isn't very good so he is like "hit the 'Try Again' button 1,000,000,000 times and maybe it will work!" me and Peters Choro have been laughing at them the entire time. I almost wanted to ask them if they wanted help, but they shut off our access to the mouse and keyboard haha. he has logged of and on again about 100X haha
 I would love to hear about your sisters in your district.  Also I would like to hear if you had any culture lessons?  What do you eat at the cafeteria?  How is the Japanese?  Do you feel pretty comfortable about your language? Did one of the chargers work for you?  For the camera?
Lets answer mommies questions, shall we?
First up is the Shimai!
Holt Shimai - Had really strict parents so she has some of the highest standards of our original district
Gibbs Shimai - Has about 20 guys writing her but says they are all "just friends" and that "none of them like her"
Brumley Shimai - from mississippi and eats like a man, and is proud of it too
Lindquist Shimai - "School teacher" Shimai is very short and makes fun of Peters Choro all day long, not to mention she is about 5 years older than me
Baker Shimai - Is like the mommy of the group, not just because she is almost Lindquist Shimai's age but because she quotes old movies and reminds me of my mom :)
Murry Shimai - Is a little crazy, especially at night or when she consumes candy. we call it "Unleashing the Beast"
Bittle Shimai - Is the one who is screwing with the mail and we call her "The Walking Dictionary"
and another Shimai we got last night that I don't know the name of :S
Culture lessons aren't really part of our lessons here, but we have bugged Black Sensei to teach us some so he has shown us how they make their arrows, how their tattoos look and how they are made, and has a bunch of pictures of food and sushi that he has shown us
Cafeteria food here sucks, actually. It is different every day, but the only good food are the hamburgers, chicken wings, and sloppy joes. Every morning when we eat all I get is a bowl of cereal because its not even worth it to try and get anything else.
Japanese is coming good. We got one of our fake investigators to commit to baptism yesterday, which was pretty cool. I am not exactly confident in the language, but I am confident that I am in a state to learn it and I could probably teach a 30 minute lesson without much difficulty, as long as I get 5-10 minutes to plan. Funny, huh, seeing as how before I came here I almost never planned anything haha
Camera charger works great! I may need a USB to wall adapter for it so I don't have to keep stealing Peters Choro's, but it helps a ton! I actually have some pictures for you guys this week :)
Man its awesome to hear Shelby got his mission call! when is he coming in and what is his e-mail so I can give him advice! There are tons of stuff I would have done differently had I known what this place would be like.
Random Story Time!
So we are part of the choir going to the marriot center on the 23rd, so we obviously go to choir practice. anyways, the choir instructor was told one day by one of our buddies in another japanese branch as we were getting ready to walk to the marriot center that he needs a horse so he could be more visible, so he referenced it in one of his speaches he always gives us all. so last night in the dorms that same elder, funnily enough his name is Steers, and his companion come to our room with a broomstick and an idea. to get the rest of the story check out the pics and let them explain themselves :)
Black Sensei is the friggin best haha He tells us straight up what he thinks, is this giant guy, plays magic, and is almost OCD about touching Hardin Choro haha
Just had to throw that out there :P
Anyways, GG, HF, love everyone, and don't drink the orange juice!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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