Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So far it's only 2 for ticking off a member while on splits. I was a bit more blunt than I should have been and the zone leaders were a bit worried and I about guaranteed that I will transfer there, just for karma's sake.
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
How're things in the wide world? Some of you have more access to it than others, but even bits of info are cool to hear!
Weekly Questions Time!
How is my mission?
It's awesome! I'm having a lot of fun! I'm always tired, we always talk with weird people, eat crazy food(The most recent was flying fish that had been pounded into a solid vegetable-consistency type mass), plan way too much and love Jesus and shtufts!
What am I doing?
A good job, I hope! I am trying my very best to do my very best to teach people about Jesus.
Where am I staying?
I am living in a place called Kunitachi. It is a small part of the huge city of Tokyo, quite a bit bigger than Las Vegas!
We had been working with this less-active kid named Naoto for a while, but about 2 weeks ago he basically told us he didn't want to deal with churchy shtufts anymore, but then about 3 days ago he randomly called us and said he wants to go on a mission! It feels cooler than having one of your investigators get baptised, which is also an awesome feeling!
We visited Suzuki in the hospital this Saturday! He will be getting out in febuary sometime probably, then he will likely get baptized a week or two after. It was uber difficult though 'cuz it was 4 American elders trying to get into a Japanese hospital and I was the oldest, transfer-wise, so obviously I had to speak to the people and write the Chinese characters and get us lost and shtufts. It was slightly annoying, but worth it!
Random Story Time!
This one is going directly from my journal:
"Today was fun. First we went to Fuchu for a district meeting, then we went to lunch with Mama Josephine, a Filipino member who loves to feed missionaries.
It was an all-you-can-eat shabushabu(boiled meat) and tempura(breaded seafood and veggies) restaurant and we ate so much we just about died. To give some background info so that you can appreciate this feat, I have never been over 124lbs., my weight on my mission in Japan has been between 116-119lbs. and I am around 6 feet tall. Each tray of meat contains enough to fill 2 adults comfortably, they give enough veggies to feed 6 people to satisfaction and every plate of tempura is a regular-sized meal.
Between us 4 elders, we ate a full plate of veggies, 3 plates of tempura, 2 glasses of apple juice and 1 water each and 16 trays of meat. I personally ate 5 trays, Elder Sawyer ate 6, Elder Stevens ate 3 and Elder Yagui ate 2. Then to top it all off we got ice cream and had a dinner appointment an hour later with a legendary missionary-jumping investigator."
Elder Stevens was suffering severely, to give you an idea of how Elder Sawyer and I were feeling. I still am only about 119lbs.
Thats all, folks!
Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

Trey Brooksby

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We have a monorail in our area that is expensive to ride but it is way cool and worth it on occasion.

 We even saw mount Fuji on it!

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