Wednesday, July 23, 2014

People think my dragons are fat!(warning Blood pictures!!)

Trey Brooksby

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Because mine are Europian style and the style they use here is Chineese :S
Heyo Kazoku!!
How's it going?
I got my old trainer back now! Elder Gallacher went home on friday, so now Elder Bradshaw is back in Sagamihara! We are a little limited because his foot isn't completely healed, but we'll survive!
So, the weekly questions!
What do I wish I had here the most?
Sleep! I'm always tired! I'm actually gonna take a nap after I finish this e-mail haha. Other than that music is great.
Which people make me happy?
Investigators at any time, as long as they still talk to us!
When do I feel the most peace?
At night after planning and when we are teaching lessons. Basically anytime I can feel the spirit as well.
Random Story Time!
Everyday we get up, excercise, take a shower, and eat breakfast before we start study, and about 3 days ago I exercised then kinda lay in bed while waiting for Elder Bradshaw to finish in the shower instead of eating breakfast cuz I wasn't hungry. Anyways, I get in the shower and am showering when I look down and notice that the water is turning red. It was slightly odd, so I look at my right leg, it was fine, left leg fine too, no cuts on my stomach or chest, right arm good, left arm fin-wait... whats that? my left elbow was covered in blood and I couldn't see where from, so I stuck it under the water to clean it and see but it was flowing too fast so that I couldn't see, but it looked like it was only coming from one point. So I pull it out from under the water and it started dripping everywhere, so I finished my shower and cupped my hand under my elbow and went over to the sink and held it over so that it wouldn't get on the floor and asked Elder Bradshaw for a paper towel. After I dried it and put a band-aid on it and it stopped bleeding, I took the band-aid off and it was a smaller point than the tip of a pen, so that was weird.
Later on, during personal study Elder Bradshaw leaned over and said "You're bleeding on the floor" and it had started again! After doing the paper-towel/band-aid trick again it stopped bleeding, but later that night I literally just brushed it with my finger and it started again! luckly, it seems like a one-day thing and it hasn't happened since, but it was really weird haha
Another fun week in Tokyo!
Love you guys!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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