Thursday, July 24, 2014

The storytellers guild.

I wanna create an organization of master storytellers that roams the
land like the bards of old, stopping in various cities and towns and
telling stories that inspire the heart and mind. It's gonna happen.

Hullo, everyone!

I wonder how many people that I send these e-mails to actually read
them... Mah, it can't hurt, ne?

Weekly Questions!

What was your favorite thing from Trek?
I enjoyed the hats. I dunno why, but I thought they were fun.

What was the funniest thing about Trek?
On the bus ride over I folded my arms, put my hat over my face, leaned
back and woke up three hours later in the exact same position and
nobody had noticed, so I escaped the Cheetos and marker treatment,
which was sweet.

How's it going?
It's going great! This area went from being probably the least
productive area(just before I got here) to one that President Wada
talks about in zone conferences as a great example area! I'm not
saying that my presence has anything to do with it but... haha
anyways, it looks like I will be transferred out most likely on the
31st. It actually looked like I might be emergency transferred because
of a certain situation, but President Wada said I could stay for the
rest of the transfer if I passed along an important message for him,
which I did this Sunday. It actually took more out of me than I
thought it would.

Any new news? Any new stories?
Of course not! Beyond answering questions ima put the exactly same
message I sent last week! Aren't you so excited?

How's my companions doing?
Pretty good, I think. He's getting a little stressed because this area
is fairly uneventful, generally speaking, and he's had the same
companion for two transfers to top it off. I can testify in his behalf
that that is never a good time, at least generally speaking haha

Elder Otsuka just gave me a bowl, a fork and a banana and said "Here,
smash this while I go to the restroom." and when he came out he was
like "Dang, that was way fast!" 'cuz I had basically puréed it. I'm
glad I was finally able to put into use those long years spent
practicing my banana-smashing skills.

Random Story Time!
This is a story about Saturday, 'cuz Saturday was just a party and I
am way tired. To start the day off we traveled about 1.5 hours to a
sports arena with some members and investigators from other areas(all
of our buddies bailed on us) to play Footsal, or indoor soccer. I
kinda surprised myself by really getting into it and I actually didn't
do too badly. After playing that for a really long time, with my team
in 2nd out of four, Elder Bates and I headed to a members house for a
lunch appointment. Sadly, we planned on them having showers at the
sports center, which they did not, and we ended up taking longer than
we thought so we didn't have time to run back to the apartment for a
quick shower, then when we got about two stops down we realized that
we still had about an hour to walk and we had to be there in 15
Noticing this, Elder Bates opens his bag and puts his running shoes
back on in the middle of the train and says "Elder Brooksby, get ready
to hate life." and we got there only 15 minutes late. I pretty much
almost died, but at least then our excuse for being sweaty wasn't that
we didn't leave in time for a shower, it was that we had to run the
entire distance to their house, which they found impressive. I've been
quite sore for the past two days!
After an awesome meal and a role-play lesson, we headed back to our
apartment, took a quick shower, got dressed into other non-sweaty
normal clothes, then headed to a ward party where we played ping-pong,
ate noodles and beasted at dominoes with my best member friend's
daughter. We totally wiped the floor with them all, all he while
whispering very loudly to each other how sneaky we were. After that we
packed up shop, went home and passed out into bed, after planning and
changing, obviously.

I had a thought that I thought seemed pretty cool, so I thought to
think to share that thought. Or I thought so, anyways. But yeah, I was
thinking about technology and how the older generation has trouble
using it as easily, then I wondered what the principal behind that
I figured it's because they are focused on what should be done with
it, or the proper way to use it, whereas the younger generation is
concerned with what can be done with it, or the limits they can
stretch with it. I think that that mentality has carried from
technology to pretty much every aspect of human life for both
I think what the world really needs is a mixture of the two, searching
for the things that can and should be done, or the proper way to
stretch the limits. Not rights, but responsibility, for is it not our
right to be responsible?

Younger Elder Brooksby

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