Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey, I know that dog!

That's how we identify old people we know.

Konnichiwa, kazoku!

I went to tab out and deleted my draft, so now I have to start over. Gah.

Weekly Questions!

Do I see myself moving back to japan after I go home?
Mmm it's a 50-50% right now. There are ups and downs to both America
and japan, so I would be down with either. My natural personality and
tendencies lean towards modern japan, but so do all the Japanese
people. Not much fun in being the same as everyone else, ne? Japan
would be best as a young person, but I definitely recommend America
for middle/higher aged people. I'm currently just as likely to move to
Cuba as anywhere else, seeing as I don't have anything keeping me in
one place. Mah, I'll wait on making plans like those until the end of
my mission.

Did I see friends in the temple film?
Nope. Didn't catch who I knew, so clearly I either didn't know them
too well, there was so much glory that I couldn't see their face, or I
just have been in Japan forever surrounded by Asians and I can't
remember what foreigners look like anymore. Any of those options are

Phew, made it back to my pre-deletion stage! Now I'm not gonna screw
this up again as I tab out... Actually, I'm just gonna copy this

Safe! No deletion this time! One less mistake down!

Have some quotes from me that were in some of my planners!
~In prayer if you only speak and don't listen, it is the same as when
someone hears you speak but doesn't really listen.
~Today is the last of today you will ever spend. Spend wisely!
~It's not fair to the next person if you're still mad about the last one.
~The reason faith is so hard for people is that they want to know so
they can act, not act so they can know.
~We speak to the body to get a response from the soul.
~Lots of missionaries think that numbers are God's feedback to our character.
~You can't be a good missionary until you are first a good person.

Aren't I epic?

Random Story Time!
So I went in splits with the zone leaders and because of some weird
scheduling we ended up also getting another companion for an hour or
two and went to teach one of his investigators. That guy was crazy. He
spoke English and is like uncle Damon with no restraints and a heck
ton of money. Anyways, he knows the church is true and shtufts, but he
doesn't want to follow all the "rules" of the church. The story is
more weird 'cuz that was about a month ago but about 4 days ago Elder
Otsuka and I were walking down that road featured in my last story
when I just heard someone shout "HEY, I KNOW YOU!" And it freaked out
Elder Otsuka 'crushed didn't catch the English until later and he had
never seen this guy before and he looks and acts crazy. He ended up
having just been hanging with a friend and he actually introduced the
guy to the Book of Mormon and it was sweet.

That's all for this week, I think!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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