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If you are housing and someone takes 5 minutes to come to the door, they are prolly preparing something...

Trey Brooksby

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Like finding their English Soka Gakai pamphlet and thinking how to dendo you. (Sadly their pamphlet told us nothing about them)
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Haha I was just looking at my companion's way ghetto messhi's (Business/name cards). He will be leaving Japan before he could possibly get more, so he just took one he had and copied it a trillion times and pasted it to cardboard paper then cut it out.
Btw if I haven't mentioned before, Soka Gakai is a kinda messed up religion that causes a bunch of people mental problems and its way hard to leave, so even if someone wants to get baptized, it's way taihen(hard?) for them to.
This weeks questions!
What is my favorite principal to teach?
Anything! Anytime I can teach is my favorite time! That is something I am most complemented on by other missionaries, that or my "brilliant" outlook on dendo and life. Sadly, I have never had more than 2 investigators at once and now we don't have any at all... but we're working on that!
Did I get the camera?
Whoops I thought I mentioned that... yeah I did. That's why all of my pictures are more centered now!
So Wednesday was my approximate 6 month mark or 1/4 of my dendo experience completed, which is cool but kinda a bummer as well...
I had to give a talk in church on Sunday and it was kinda bad 'cuz I forgot to get a scripture and shtufts, not to mention I am not completely ped in the language yet, but I got by. I talked about you guys I think and told people that kaiin dendo(member missionary work) is way important. I don't remember exactly what it said, but it was prolly brilliance to rival Socrates. Prolly. And tonight one of the sister's investigators who is getting baptized next week asked me to do the spiritual thought, so it must not have been to bad. Gotta work harder to do it badly so I don't get any more assignments...
Random Story Time! (as soon as my companion and I come up with one)
...guy closing door in our face...finding a guy on the way to buy a dragon...eating okonomiyaki and sharing scriptures... mmm... We have tons of really short stories this week... I'll see if I can come up with something.
I know! I'll just compile them into a series of random short stories!
#1. Finding a guy on the way to buy a dragon.
So, I  really like monster hunter and Japan does lots of promotions and a while ago they did a monster hunter one, but they discontinued it before I got to Japan, but occasionally we find leftovers from it in random convenies, and we found one 7-11 that had a ton, so on p-day we went to go check them out and saw a guy and talked to him for 5 minutes and got him to commit to come to eikaiwa, church, sports night, and got his number, so it was way cool.
#2. My companion gave his dying testimony on Tuesday at a zone conference.
He started with "I'm really cold and I've had to go to the bathroom for the past hour." It was another 1.5 hours before he got to haha.
#3. Visiting Douglas' house and planning on tag-teaming him and his family.
We had district meeting today and since we don't have any investigators currently we shared about Douglas and we basically ascertained that he and his family is a potential goldmine, both here and in America, so we decided we will introduce the other two companion sets to him at different times, volunteer to help with his eikaiwa, and visit him "randomly" with each companionship until we get him active and them all members. It's gonna be fun.
#4. Eating Okonomiyaki and sharing scriptures.
We ate with Kyo Bien shimai and Miyakami kyodai today and shared scriptures. It was great.
#5. There is none. I guess a ton means four.
Yo mommy and Sierra, you guys gotta get me some e-mails from attractive girls over there so I can e-mail more than just people from the MTC and my family... Pictures included too, obviously!
I have discovered that I retain my napping capabilities! Yay! I can't sleep often, obviously, but when food is being cooked or it's p-day, throw down a 30 minute nap and get a boost for the rest of the day, it's awesome!
Not much more to write about I guess...
Love you guys!
Younger Elder Brooksby
PS. I'm keeping that title even when Tyson goes home, just for kicks and giggles.

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